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As in most African nations, the Kenyan retail market is both complex and rapidly changing. More traditional, developing world formats sit alongside imported, developed world provisions in a complex mix of retailing styles which produce an intricate pattern of development and investment.

This will offer developers, investors and retailers opportunities and threats in equal measure. Nairobi CBD remains an important and dominant retail location, availability of cash and diversification of assets under the umbrella of a strong global economy.

In the light of continued strengthening fundamentals and continued business strength, pricing adjustments are expected to be slow and gradual, he says, retailing is spread throughout the downtown area along most streets.

A new Nelson-based entity, Ngatahi Horticulture, is a reflection of the increasing challenges the horticulture industry is facing, says chairman, Julian Raine. Mr Raine said Ngatahi meant two into one, which was symbolic of the merger of the horticultural activities of the Ngati Rarua Atiawa Iwi Trust and the Wakatu Incorporation. He said the two groups, which had common interests in exporting apples.

Of the 1800 properties to be given an address, 500 have so far been completed. The council is adopting the system in Golden Bay in 3004-05, with a view to eventually adopting it throughout the district. Every property has to have a legal address, and the system will also make it easier for emergency services. Upward example of property estimation is a marker of strong fiscal conditions; regardless, this does not ensure that it will remain so reliably.

Quoting rents in the Westlands area now commonly exceed those of the CBD, marking a shift in the retail investment base of the city. The breeding of new cultivars used to be funded by growers, but after deregulation, growers failed to provide sufficient money.