How is valuation related with property?

Sydney Property Valuers is a way to find out the market value of a property, the value could be found for the specific date with relevant legislations. As a result, the State’s presence in the market has reduced from 20% of all activity in 2000 to 17.8% in 2006. Car parking rents are currently u 4,000 per space per annum and are likely to reach u 5,000 per space by the end of next year. Second generation buildings are also performing well with good growth witnessed over the past year and excellent prospects for further growth in 2007.

The value of your property calculates your rates, so it is compulsory to keep it up to date with time and accuracy is must in it. Your market rates are highly influenced by the property you have, its type and most importantly the present market sales as well as rents. Such properties are now obtaining rents of u 380 per sq m and we are forecasting rents of u 430 per sq m by the end of 2007.

There are people who find the value of the property. Mainly these valuers build a different profile for every type of property so it very easily helps to differentiate between different types of properties. This is particularly the case in the city centre where a number of companies are currently trying to purchase modern office accommodation, preferably on a single floor plate. For our part, we were involved in selling 4,509 sq m of offices at Harmony Court, Dublin 2 to various owner-occupiers.

The valuer is mainly guided with the help of rental evidence as well as the sales evidence existing. And by all this the valuation works.We have recently received instructions to sell a limited number of modern offices in Cathedral Court on Patrick Street, Dublin 8. In the suburbs, own-door units have been well received in Sandyford and Blanchardstown, with cleverly designed and innovative product being offered.